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    What is a Residency?

    • As defined by the APTA, a clinical residency program is designed to substantially advance a resident's expertise in examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and management of patients in a particular specialty. The APTA names post-professional clinical training programs as one of the primary methods to prepare physical therapists to meet the practice needs of the future. Therapists who complete a clinical residency program generally demonstrate superior clinical skills, advanced knowledge in a specific area of clinical practice and the ability to act as advocates and educators to their peers and patients. This program will markedly advance the practitioner in the areas of clinical competence, scholarship, education, professionalism, and practice management.

    Summary of Training

    • The Brooks Clinical Residency Programs are one year in length.
    • Residents are employed as staff physical therapists for the duration of the program. The primary training consists of didactic courses, clinical mentoring, and directed learning activities. Didactic courses are taught in a variety of methods that include eight hour weekday classes, four hour evening classes, weekend classes, and independent study. The mix of the above formats will vary within and between programs.
    • The clinical component consists of two types of clinical practice experience. The first is 150 hours of 1:1 clinical mentoring with an experienced clinician. The second is 850 hours of supervised clinical practice within a Brooks facility. 
    • The resident also participates in directed learning activities, which range from 30 hours to over 300 hours, depending on the specific program and discipline of the resident. These consist of scholarly activities, clinical rotations (through other specialty areas and/or with healthcare practitioners other than physical therapists), professional activities and activities related to practice management.
    • All of the Residency programs are based on five foundational pillars. See the five pillars.

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