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    On this site, Brooks Institute of Higher Learning aims to address frequently asked questions regarding our residency and fellowship programs. 

    Are the residency programs available only to full-time employees, or can part-time employees apply?

    The requirement is that individuals must be at least part-time (PT) with Brooks, but we give “preference” to full-time (FT) staff relative to a potential competitive admissions process.

    If I graduate in June, will I be able to start the residency program immediately after?

    The process to attain a FL PT License is lengthy and typically takes 6-8 weeks or more. We require that incoming residents have verification of their FL PT license by the second week in June. This gives us an opportunity to notify and potentially bring in an alternate if an accepted candidate falls through at the last minute.

    Regarding the recommendation letters in the application process, is it okay to have the recommending clinicians write their own letter of recommendation in addition to the form Brooks provides?

    Yes. However, we do ask that the recommendation letter and recommendation form be mailed together.

    Regarding the application process, do I have to fill out an application with the University of North Florida in addition to Brooks Rehabilitation?

    Brooks is partnered with the University of North Florida, however, you will not need to fill out any additional paperwork for UNF during the application process. Once accepted to the program, residents will then complete the UNF paperwork.

    Regarding the list of continuing education courses attended in the last 5 years, is it appropriate to list my attendance at CSM here?

    Regarding CEU Courses the format we suggest is to list the course title (such as CSM), how many contact hours you received, who was the sponsoring organization (for CSM would be the APTA), and then the Instructor (so for CSM it would be “Multiple Speakers” or the instructor for the specific course you attended). Don’t worry about the certification component for the course at this time. We do not require the certificates of completion for CEU courses. If you are a current student that has not taken any CE courses, simply write the word "student" in one of the fields. Click Here to Download the CEU Verification Form. 

    I am a student applying for one of the residency programs. What information should I provide on the professional license verification section of the application?

    In this section, students should simply state that they are a student. We also ask that you provide the date of when you plan to take the licensure exam.